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How To: TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE AN Hose Assembly Buildup

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This video shows How to Build AN Hoses using TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE Hose & Fittings.

Fitting/Hose Assembly Tips:
Determine Needs/Buy Product
-Determine what fittings you need and how much hose, then purchase (buy about 20% more hose than you think you'll need)

Removing Leaking Hoses

-Drain fuel from system before removing hoses you want to replace
-Mark used hoses with tape/writing to keep track of what hoses are for what (and which direction they go on the vehicle

Building Hose Assembly
-Install one end before cutting hose to length
-Disassemble hose end, install collar from hose end on hose
-Cut back BlackWrap 7/16 inch on hose
-Spread braid off PTFE core, loosely install 'ferrel' between PTFE core and braid
-Push ferrel into position on bench
-Use TechAFX hardcoated aluminum Awl to seat PTFE core into ferrel
-Lube up and install tube of hose end into olive/PTFE core combination
-Push collar up to the end of the hose/olive combo--make sure you have pulled hose as deep as possible into the collar
-Hand start threaded nut (pinned on the TechAFX hose end), and lightly hand tighten (leave at this point--this allows the fitting to be 'clocked' easily once final installed on the vehicle: you will tighten the nut/collar combo once the hose assembly is on the vehicle.
-Cut hose with either: chop saw, rotary saw, cold chisel/2 lb hammer or, our favorite, cable cutters
-Install second hose end just past hand tight

Install Hose Assembly on Vehicle
-Position/install the new TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE AN Hose Assembly on the vehicle
-Once the hose ends are 'clocked' the way you want them to go, use two wrenches to tighten the nut/collars on both ends of the hose assembly...this will lock the angle of the hose ends in position
-TechAFX PTFE AN Hose Ends are tight when approximately 1 1/2 threads (it's usually between 1 and 2 threads) are left showing between the nut and collar at the hose end to hose mating point
-Enjoy the beautiful appearance and the OE-quality performance/durability of the TechAFX product.

TechAFX - pronounced 'tek uh fex'

TechAFX is Now Part of Team Pfaff

Team TechAFX is proud to be a part of one of the hottest creations for the 2011-2012 show season, the Imperial Speedster!  This stunning beauty never fails to wow crowds & collect trophies everywhere, from SEMA to the Playboy Mansion.  

Thanks to hot-rod & custom car designer Murray Pfaff for welcoming us into the family @ Pfaff Designs. 

Cheap-O Hose Turns into a Fuel SPRINKLER!

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Here is proof positive, as to why you need to use BlackWrap conductive-core, PTFE Fuel Hose on your next performance buildup.

This video was sent to TechAFX by a recent customer who got quite an unwelcome surprise when he pulled his LS-powered musclecar out of the garage. This car was completely rebuilt 6 months ago with a new LS V8 powertrain and all new rubber-core, braided steel AN fuel hose. The vehicle had been sitting for a few months when he went to pull it out of the shop--with shocking results! 
Needless to say, he is VERY lucky to have quickly realized he had a 'fuel sprinkler' system under his hood!  This video shows how quickly rubber-core AN hose can fail with today's fuels--it begins as a fuel weep, then quickly turns into a complete 'leaker' hose. 
Only conductive-core, PTFE fuel hose is built to handle today's fuel.

2011 SEMA Video - TechAFX Hoses V8TV

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"Today's fuels are really tough on rubber hoses, and Will Handzell from TechAFX shows us their new line of BlackWrap PTFE-lined hoses that not only are impervious to fuels, but also come in popular OE and EFI style connections to make engine swaps simple."

2011 SEMA Show

The lovely Nicole Chauvet was on hand to greet everybody @ this year's SEMA Show. 

We are still reeling from the overwhelming response that our new BlackWrap Hoses got from everybody that we spoke with.  TechAFX featured BlackWrap & our new Looks-rite Universal LS Heater Hose Kit in the SEMA New Products Display Showcase.  The crowd of LS enthusiasts in our booth was keenly interested in our new line of QD-AN Jumper Hoses that are designed to help them do LS engine swaps  using OE quality parts.

Brad Keslowski was with us in the booth on Wednesday & he found out that the best part of any SEMA show is talking to old friends & meeting new ones.

Raybestos Chooses TechAFX for their 64 GTO Giveaway Car!


Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle is building the 2011 GiveAway Car with ONLY the best products on the market today.  We are proud to have them select TechAFX as the supplier for the Fuel Hoses & Fittings.  Our AN Fittings & BlackWrap AN Hoses are perfectly matched for the Aeromotive Fuel Pumps & Fuel Regulators that are planned for the car.

To see more, go to:

2011 Holley LS Fest

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As posted by the Hot Rod Magazine Team:

Turn it up loud! There's some great audio here of all the wild LS engines in action at the drags, the autocross, and even drifting at the second Holley LS Fest, which was held in September, 2011, at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Seeya in 2012!

Now Available: NEW TechAFX BlackWrap Hoses

Another Industry 1st for TechAFX:

Factory Black & tougher than today's Fuels-

BlackWrap PTFE Hoses available in -6, -8, & -10 sizes!













What it is: TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE AN fuel hose and fittings

Why you care: BlackWrap is an affordable, enthusiast-build PTFE hose that has the high-tech OEM black look—while providing the performance of a PTFE hose/fitting assembly.

BlackWrap features a black nylon outer covering over a stainless steel braid to provide an abrasion resistant hose that looks great with TechAFX black aluminum AN fittings.

As with all TechAFX PTFE hoses, BlackWrap features a smoothbore, conductive PTFE core to provide years of maintenance-free service when exposed to today’s fuels AND it addresses issues with fuel flow static buildup.

How much: TechAFX Blackwrap hose and AN fittings are available in -6, -8 and even -10 sizes—at about half what most competitors charge for black PTFE AN hose

We say: PTFE conductive core hose solves the problem of fuel prematurely destroying rubber hose AND your car smelling like gas when sitting in the garage—sounds good to us!

2011 LS Fest, Bowling Green, KY


What a GREAT time we had!  Situated between Scoggin-Dickey & the Optima trailer, we got to meet just about everybody that attended the show this year.   There were more cars than last year, but the periodic rain showers kept the speeds down & the times off a bit this year.  

Stielow had a lot of issues with a new-fangled clutch he put in for just for this event.  Brian Thompson helped him change it out Saturday morning, but issues persisted.  Mark finished 2nd overall, despite not competing Sunday due to the clutch. 

Jason Debler from drove down Fri night just to come hang out with us.  His car draws a crowd where ever it goes & it showcases a number of TechAFX products.

We introduced our new BlackWrap AN Hoses & the new LS Coil Covers that we trimmed for the 5th Gen Camaros.  (avail soon from SDPC)

Can't wait for next year!

-10 BlackWrap SS Braided Teflon® Hose (10' length)



-10 BlackWrap SS braided Teflon® Hose

(10 foot length)

Nylon-coated, Stainless Steel braided, PTFE smoothbore (conductive) hose.

We're proud to be the 1st company to offer a complete selection of the new -10 sizes.  Everybody wants 'em, nobody's got 'em, except TechAFX!

Hose Size: 5/8
Average I.D.: .500
Average O.D.: .648
Operating Pressure: 1500
Burst Pressure: 6000
Bend Radius (inches): 6.5


Made in U.S.A.

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