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SEMA Show 2013

You can find the ENTIRE TechAFX Team either working our booth or prowling the show this year during SEMA week (4-8NOV).  We will be unveiling our new line of products & it'll be "all hands on deck!"

Even though we're busy, it's always business as usual with our Dealer Network across the country.


NEW TX Fittings & FLATwrap PTFE Hose


         ... when you plumb your Carburetors!

FLATwrap PTFE fuel hose looks like your everyday, rubber hose, but actually it's a high-tech alternative that's not affected by today's fuels.  TechAFX FLATwrap Hose has a low gloss, TPV outer jacket, stainless-braided, PTFE (Teflon) conductive-core inner layer.  The best products come from TechAFX.

Using TechAFX’s new, brass TX Fittings (Pat Pend) & black screw clamps with FLATwrap Hose makes it look like you've running "old school" rubber hoses on your vintage car, but you know that they're better, because they're Fuel Safe!   

The BEST part of using FLATwrap & TX Fittings, is that they go together just like the old stuff did!  

Cut the FLATwrap Hose, stick it on a TX Fitting, secure it with a black TX Band Clamp & GO!  

It can't get any simpler!

SEMA Show 2013

The SEMA Show in Vegas is the GREATEST hot rod event of the year, so be sure to stop by the TechAFX Booth (#25227) & take a gander at the New Products that we're unveiling for 2014!  

We can't wait!

-6 FLATwrap SS Braided Teflon® Hose (10' length)


-6 FLATwrap Stainless Steel Braided Teflon® Hose w/ Nylon Outer 

(10 foot length)

FLATwrap looks like an ordinary, rubber hose, but it is really a low gloss, nylon jacketed, Stainless Steel braided, PTFE smoothbore (conductive-core) hose, that's impervious to today's fuel.

Looks just like your everyday, rubber hose, but it's really today's high-tech alternative that will last "forever".

Hose Size: *3/8

Average I.D.: .312
Average O.D.: .445
Operating Pressure: 2500
Burst Pressure: 10000
Bend Radius (inches): 4

Made in U.S.A.!


Kevin Parent's Nova is Hard to Beat

For years & years, Kevin Parent's been about the toughest guy to beat in NMCA's Nostalgia Pro Street class.  He's got a handful of Championship dates sewn onto the back of his jacket to prove it.  He knows how to make that "red brick" fly!

TechAFX has been a proud supporter of Kevin for a long time now & vice-versa.  

HeatWrap Hose Insulation


New TechAFX HeatWrap is a super lightweight fiberglass insulation that has a laminated aluminum/mylar outer surface to provide radiant heat protection up to 650°F (343°C). The aluminum/mylar surface is resistant to abrasion, gasoline, brake fluid, & other automotive fluids.

TechAFX HeatWrap insulation can be slipped over existing cables, hoses, or electrical harnesses up to 1-1/4" in dia, even if they have already been installed in the vehicle.  HeatWrap permanently secures in place with an integral strip of high temp adhesive..

TechAFX HeatWrap Insulation is precut in 16" lengths for your convenience. 


Follow 1 of Michigan's Best @ Drag Week

Tim Flanders is one of those guys that only the State of Michigan can grow.  He's one of those "all 'round great guys", just ask his Dad who he spends a lot of time spinning wrenches with.  Tim made sure that his dad's ride was road ready before his Mustang was. 

This week, he's on the road with Hot Rod Magazine's Drag Week.  Follow the entire 2013 event here: HRM_DragWeek

BTW- Tim & his dad are both running TechAFX products on their cars!

Go GrayHatch!

Congrats Tim for being a 2013 DW WINNER!  Tim will be bringing the Super Street Big Block Natural Aspirated Trophy home to Michigan.

DMP Fasteners Teams Up with TechAFX

Located in Chatsworth, California, DMP Fasteners stocks a wide variety of bolts, nuts, & washers in grade 5, grade 8, grade 9, polished, chromed, or high strength Stainless Steel. DMP is your 1-stop race shop because they stock silicone hose, steel/aluminum or stainless tubing, & most importantly, TechAFX AN fittings & hoses.

We want to welcome Derek & crew to Team TechAFX!  

-6 BlackLITE- Braided Teflon® Hose (10' length)



NEW TechAFX BlackLITE PTFE AN hose gives you the best of ALL worlds:

BlackLITE PTFE AN hose is built to last with today's fuels--it has passed all new-car SAE testing (testing our aftermarket competitors don't do) There is only one other hose on the market as light as BlackLITE, but it costs TWICE AS MUCH as our lightweight hose!

BlackLITE is a conductive-core, smoothbore PTFE AN hose, that has a black, braided exterior wrap for that OEM look.  The exterior appearance is reminicient of the 50's hoses, so it will look right at home in your vintage hot rod!

TechAFX's BlackLITE construction makes it really easy to build hose your assemblies, because there are no SS metal braids to poke you!!!  The hose can be quickly & easily cut with a sharp blade or standard hose cutters.  

BlackLITE has been lab tested to offer you superior performance with our line of TechAFX AN Fittings (via a patent pending process).

BlackLITE also works with other commonly available lightweight, crimp-on hose ends.


Free Imperial Speedster Wallpaper

Download it & enjoy using it at work or at home!

Full size image link: Imperial Speedster

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