blackwrap hose

NEW TX Fittings & FLATwrap PTFE Hose


         ... when you plumb your Carburetors!

FLATwrap PTFE fuel hose looks like your everyday, rubber hose, but actually it's a high-tech alternative that's not affected by today's fuels.  TechAFX FLATwrap Hose has a low gloss, TPV outer jacket, stainless-braided, PTFE (Teflon) conductive-core inner layer.  The best products come from TechAFX.

Using TechAFX’s new, brass TX Fittings (Pat Pend) & black screw clamps with FLATwrap Hose makes it look like you've running "old school" rubber hoses on your vintage car, but you know that they're better, because they're Fuel Safe!   

The BEST part of using FLATwrap & TX Fittings, is that they go together just like the old stuff did!  

Cut the FLATwrap Hose, stick it on a TX Fitting, secure it with a black TX Band Clamp & GO!  

It can't get any simpler!