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QD Jumper, straight 3/8", -8 BlkWrp (24" long)

SKU: 109660


TechAFX's new QD Jumper Hose assembly is designed to make installing a custom fuel system on a production 'quick disconnect' (QD) male fitting easy and safe.

Each QD Jumper uses a US-made, metal QD fitting (the same fitting that is used on production vehicle hose assemblies) that is crimped on an 18-inch long section of TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE, conductive-core, AN hose with a 60,000 psi crimping machine.


109660.   Straight, 3/8" QD steel fitting to -8 AN PTFE BlackWrap hose, 24-inches long,  All LS V8 Engines (often used as fuel feed line)


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List Price: $74.00
Price: $74.00