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Instruction Manuals

We've added this tab to the site to allow us to list all of the necessary Photo Instructions for the products we offer.  A lot of Engineering has gone into each kit we sell to ensure you get a high quality part that's easy to install.  Check them out.


1967-68 Camaro Bottom Feed Air Spoiler

We've updated our Step-by-Step Photo Instructions for the 1967-68 Camaro Bottom Feed Air Spoiler.  This will show you everything you need to make the installation a breeze!

1967-68 Bottom Feed Air Spoiler Instructions.



How to Build A-N Fittings with BlackWrap Hose:


Here's an easy step by step "How to" install A/N Fittings manual, using our Blackwrap PTFE Hose.  It's easier than you think!

How to Install AN Fittings-  click on above image.



How to Build A-N Fittings with BlackLITE Hose:

Here's an easy step by step "How to" install A/N Fittings manual, using our BlackLITE PTFE Hose.  It's easier than EVER!

How to install AN Fittings on BlackLITE- click on above image.



TechAFX Camaro LS Hose Relo Kit Photoinstructions:

Here's a comprehensive instruction manual that guides you step by step thru the installation process for our 2010-11 LS Camaro Hose Relo Kits:

LS Camaro Hose Relocation Instructions



TechAFX Bottom Feed Air Spoiler Photoinstructions for 1st Gen Camaros


Bottom Feed Air Spoiler Installation Instructions

Learn how quick & easy it is to install one of our track tested front spoilers on your car.



LS Engine EVAP Hider Hose Relo

Get rid of that gawd-awful, ugly, plastic EVAP hose with a TechAFX Hider Hose kit.



TechAFX LS-7 Dipstick Drill guide (pn 310110)


How To Asm A-N Tube Nuts & Sleeves





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Misuse, abuse, or any failure to follow the product instructions provided on our website, will result in the voiding of this warranty."