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How To: TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE AN Hose Assembly Buildup

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This video shows How to Build AN Hoses using TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE Hose & Fittings.

Fitting/Hose Assembly Tips:
Determine Needs/Buy Product
-Determine what fittings you need and how much hose, then purchase (buy about 20% more hose than you think you'll need)

Removing Leaking Hoses

-Drain fuel from system before removing hoses you want to replace
-Mark used hoses with tape/writing to keep track of what hoses are for what (and which direction they go on the vehicle

Building Hose Assembly
-Install one end before cutting hose to length
-Disassemble hose end, install collar from hose end on hose
-Cut back BlackWrap 7/16 inch on hose
-Spread braid off PTFE core, loosely install 'ferrel' between PTFE core and braid
-Push ferrel into position on bench
-Use TechAFX hardcoated aluminum Awl to seat PTFE core into ferrel
-Lube up and install tube of hose end into olive/PTFE core combination
-Push collar up to the end of the hose/olive combo--make sure you have pulled hose as deep as possible into the collar
-Hand start threaded nut (pinned on the TechAFX hose end), and lightly hand tighten (leave at this point--this allows the fitting to be 'clocked' easily once final installed on the vehicle: you will tighten the nut/collar combo once the hose assembly is on the vehicle.
-Cut hose with either: chop saw, rotary saw, cold chisel/2 lb hammer or, our favorite, cable cutters
-Install second hose end just past hand tight

Install Hose Assembly on Vehicle
-Position/install the new TechAFX BlackWrap PTFE AN Hose Assembly on the vehicle
-Once the hose ends are 'clocked' the way you want them to go, use two wrenches to tighten the nut/collars on both ends of the hose assembly...this will lock the angle of the hose ends in position
-TechAFX PTFE AN Hose Ends are tight when approximately 1 1/2 threads (it's usually between 1 and 2 threads) are left showing between the nut and collar at the hose end to hose mating point
-Enjoy the beautiful appearance and the OE-quality performance/durability of the TechAFX product.

TechAFX - pronounced 'tek uh fex'