blackwrap hose

-6 BlackLITE- Braided Teflon® Hose (10' length)

SKU: B-650006-10


NEW TechAFX BlackLITE PTFE AN hose gives you the best of ALL worlds:

BlackLITE PTFE AN hose is built to last with today's fuels--it has passed all new-car SAE testing (testing our aftermarket competitors don't do) There is only one other hose on the market as light as BlackLITE, but it costs TWICE AS MUCH as our lightweight hose!

BlackLITE is a conductive-core, smoothbore PTFE AN hose, that has a black, braided exterior wrap for that OEM look.  The exterior appearance is reminicient of the 50's hoses, so it will look right at home in your vintage hot rod!

TechAFX's BlackLITE construction makes it really easy to build hose your assemblies, because there are no SS metal braids to poke you!!!  The hose can be quickly & easily cut with a sharp blade or standard hose cutters.  

BlackLITE has been lab tested to offer you superior performance with our line of TechAFX AN Fittings (via a patent pending process).

BlackLITE also works with other commonly available lightweight, crimp-on hose ends.

List Price: $151.50
Price: $151.50