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TechAFX & Aeromotive Join the Crew on Search & Restore TV

RTM Productions invites TechAFX to their Tech Center to help out on their latest project.

TechAFX recently worked with Aeromotive, Rick's Stainless Tanks and PACE Performance to install a fuel system on the Search & Restore update of Chad Terhar's 1955 Chevy 210 Handyman wagon--check out the final installment of the show by clicking the link below.

The Fuel System (see 1:12 into the video)
The fuel system on the '55 consists of a Rick's Stainless Tanks fuel tank, with a built in fuel sender (which combines the fuel pump, fuel level system and feed/return fuel lines into one unit), lots of TechAFX PTFE AN BlackWrap hose (-8 AN feed, -6 AN return) and TechAFX military-grade, US-made AN Fittings (anodized BLACK, of course!) with the proven combination of an Aeromotive fuel filter and vacuum controlled pressure regulator.
To top it off, we used a TechAFX 'QD Jumper' hose (pn 110662) to connect the custom fuel system to a stock LS3 fuel rail on the PACE Perforamance 'Connect & Cruise' LS3 V8 engine. All TechAFX QD Jumpers consist of a production-quality, metal 'Quick Disconnect' fitting crimped on a section of TechAFX PTFE AN BlackWrap hose. TechAFX QD Jumpers have passed numerous new car-level SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) tests--they are literally the same 'Quick Disconnect'-style fittings a new car would come with--Made in the U.S.A. and built to last with today's fuel.

Minimizing Fuel Smell (see 4:22 into the video)
While TechAFX PTFE AN Hose and Fittings prevent fuel emission from the fuel feed system, the PACE Performance Connect & Cruise LS3 V8 fuel smell control to a new level by offering a factory-style EVAP fuel system. This system consists of an electronically-controlled solenoid on the front of the passenger-side cylinder head of the engine that ports fuel vapor from the fuel tank back into the engine--reducing fuel vapor emissions and using that fuel vapor to propel the vehicle.
Check out (at 4:22 into the video) the buildup of the 'Franken-filler' fuel fill tube built by Blair Gehman from BG ChassisWorks & Sidewinder Conversions to provide a pickup-point for the EVAP system. TechAFX -6 BlackWrap hose was then plumbed from the rear of the vehicle up to the EVAP solenoid, then a TechAFX 'Hider Hose' (pn 110411) was used to connect the solenoid to the intake of the PACE Performance LS3 V8. This EVAP system makes a HUGE difference in how much a vehicle smells like fuel, but unfortunately, most people take these off the engine before installing it in a performance application. TechAFX makes it easy to install the EVAP solenoid, and TechAFX products mean it is going to look as good as possible in the process.

The Search & Restore team obviously wanted a fuel system that provided excellent safety, minimized that annoying fuel smell, looked great, was built to last with today's fuel and provided plenty of fuel for the hilariously fun PACE Performance LS3 V8 engine.

'55 Chevy Handyman Wagon Finale


Final assembly in our last half hour of Chad's '55 Handyman Wagon, including some last minute engine troubleshooting, a "slot car-like" road test with Tim and Tommy, then the family arrives at the Tech Center for what is a very emotional give back.

We had a ball working on this project and we hope that Chad & his family enjoy their new ride!