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Power Steering Adapters

Power Steering AdaptersThese Power Steering & AC Adapters are precision-machined to exacting tolerances for trouble-free performance, they allow you to connect AN and NPT fittings together quickly and easily. Available in zinc-plated steel or anodized aluminum.
11/16"-18 Inverted Flare to -6AN (steel)PST-1116-06-00
5/8"-18 Inverted Flare to -6AN (steel)PST-5818-06-00
1/2"-20 Inverted Flare To -6AN (steel)PST-1220-06-00
5/8"-18 Iverted Flare to -8AN (steel)PST-5818-08-00
1/2"-20 W/crush Washer to -6AN (FORD)PST-1220-06-01F
12MM X 1.25 W/Crush Washer to -6AN (FORD)PST-12125-06-01F
14mm X 1.5 Male O-ring-tip to -6AN (steel)PST-1415-06-00
16mm X 1.5 Male O-ring Tip to -6AN (steel)PST-1615-06-00
18mm X 1.5 Male O-Ring Tip to -6AN (steel)PST-1815-06-00